vendredi 9 juillet 2010

Jota's Summer Sessions: The Golden Years

Jota Selecta's Summer Sessions: The Golden Years

It's getting hot in here! Summer's real back... and so are the Summer Sessions. This year's first session is dedicated to the Golden Years (each track was released between 1969 and 1980) and will take you to a trip from West Africa (WAC) to Brazil (Gal Costa), the Virgin Islands (Infinite Love Experience), Jamaica (Cedric 'Im' Brooks), Belgium (Placebo) and the US.
Get a cold drink, turn your fan on, sit back and relax.

01. Matthew Larkin Cassell - Heaven
02. Patsy Gallant - Psychedelic Party
03. Black Heat - Prince Duval
04. Cedric 'Im' Brooks - Silent Force
05. Infinite Love Experience - Morning Paper
06. West African Cosmos - Emeraude
07. Gal Costa - Tuareg
08. Donald Austin - Pea-shooter
09. Isaac Hayes - Blue's Crib
10. Young-Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut
11. Marc Moulin - Humpty Dumpty
12. Messengers Incorporated - Frequency response

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