jeudi 28 avril 2011

Welcome to Detroit

Jota Selecta - Detroit live and mixes This is a massive Detroit post! Radio mixes and live shows, brand new sets or early 90's parties.
8 hours of techno played by Detroit masters, from pionneers Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Kenny Larkin to Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen or Seth Troxler. 

. Carl Craig - Essential Mix (sat. 2011-0226)
We celebrate this year 20 years of Planet-E label, founded by Carl Craig.
His night in Paris with Mad Mike & Jon Dixon on keys was epic.
This is the essential mix on BBC Radio1, with Carl Craig at his best.

. Stacey Pullen - Awakenings (2008-0210)
Another brilliant mix by Stacey Pullen, recorded at dutch Awakenings festival in Amsterdam.

. Kevin Saunderson - Ibiza Sonica Radio 95.2FM (2011-0102)

. Seth Troxler and Gower Ramsey - Oui Now (2009-0206)
Seth Troxler live in Paris at Djoon club.

. Kenny Larkin - DAT from 1992
This old mix was aired on Rave Satellite (1997-02)

. Juan Atkins - NIMH Radio (2010-1128)

. Underground Resistance live @ New Music Seminar NYC (1992-0719)
Last but not least.

Rave on !

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